Tips on Saving for Vacation

Who doesn’t love to break off from daily routines and relax on a long vacay! But, what comes to your mind when hearing about vacation? The finances! Let’s admit that most people avoid traveling due to budget constraints. However, it isn’t so difficult as it seems. Some planning and savings can make your holidays more frequent than ever. So, are you wondering how to save for vacations? If it’s a yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Below are some tips from Keith Tatlock with Command Wealth Management, top East Longmeadow financial advisors, for massive vacation savings.

  1. Track Your Subscriptions

Subscriptions have become a vital part of our lives. People spend without planning on OTT subscriptions, online food delivery packages, and whatnot. Ultimately, they end up draining most finances on subscriptions without saving a single penny. So, the best way to save for vacations is cutting down on your subscriptions and saving the left-overs. It will sum up to lofty amounts to plan a rejuvenating vacation in almost no time.

  • Stay In!

Restaurant and multiplexes drain your monthly earnings in the blink of an eye. Even when you hit lounge spaces and gaming arenas, you are killing your chances to enjoy a vacation. Keith Tatlocksuggests limiting your going-out frequency and finding entertainment alternatives at homes themselves, saving enough to book a holiday.

  • Declutter Your Home

All of us have something unused but cluttering our spaces at home. It’s time to sell them! Keep looking for unused stuff in your house and build a habit of selling them every week or month. Believe it or not, it will fetch you enough money to plan a trip successfully.

  • Hunt for Sale and Discounts

Buying things at maximum retail prices is not a good idea when planning a vacation, says Keith. So, look for sales and discounts whenever going out shopping. If you have strong bargain skills, then it will be a bonus for you. You will end up having a wallet full of money for your vacation in a couple of months.

  • Do Some Extra Work

Keep the short-cuts aside for a while and come to the highest money-making channel, working. Ask your boss to assign some extra tasks on your weekends, if you work with a company. If you are a student, you can work part-time jobs until you meet your financial needs.

There you go! You have five golden tips to save enough bucks and plan an exotic vacay. Maintain consistency in your efforts and keep reminding yourself about the lovely time you’ll be spending on holidays. Estimate your expenses precisely and work hard until you make it happen!…

Top 4 Best Travel Destinations for Families

Have you ever gone on a vacation with family before? 

Are you planning a family vacation post COVID? 

If yes, then you are in the right place. 

Traveling can sometimes be a soul-refreshing experience for most of us. However, traveling with different people comes with a completely different experience. Like, you will experience a different kind of freedom when traveling with friends and you will gain an utterly another type of experience when traveling with family or your colleagues. 

Therefore, to make the best out of your trip, it is essential to plan an excursion to places you and your company can enjoy without any second thoughts. So, in this blog, we will guide you with the top four travel destinations to choose when traveling with family. 

1.     France

As they say, country of love famous for fashion brands and perfumes. France is all about Paris. Due to the Eifel Tower and the country’s aesthetic beauty, France has always remained one of the best tourist destinations. It is a place of art and culture. If you are fond of sound art and writing, you should definitely make a place for France on your list. They have cultural dance and wine that no one would like to miss on. 

  • Mexico

You must be thinking, what are they about? Mexico with family? Yes, you can visit Mexico with your family because things have changed now. 

The primary image that strikes our mind when we hear Mexico is a load full of drugs and an ugly image of poverty, but things have not been the same in Mexico anymore. The country has improved a lot, and today it is gaining recognition from the tourism and real estate department. Mexico has an incredible aesthetic beauty to offer its travelers with peaceful beaches and turquoise blue ocean water.

  • Turkey

Turkey is one of the ten most visited countries in the world, and why not? The country has a lot of natural beauty to please your eyes. Though people usually remain concerned about the Muslim majority in the country but Turkey has always remained secular.

People usually find it pleasing to visit Turkey with family because they get to explore a pretty distinct culture in Turkey, and people are easy to connect with. 

  • Portugal

Portugal has gained some talking among travelers nowadays and why not because this amazing country has a lot to offer. Its nature is excellent; its culture is captivating. Cities like Porto and Lisbon attract tourists all across the world. Small villages in these cities attract tourist’s attention and give them a sigh of relief away from their busy lives in their homeland. Portugal is nothing like other tourist destinations. It looks different; it feels different, it feels comfortable than any other traveling destination.


So, these are four travel destinations that are perfect for families to visit. It will be best for you to book the tickets in as much advance as possible. …

Travel Insurance – Answer to Ensure Safety While Traveling

Do you feel afraid when you think about going on a trip abroad? 

Are you the one who knows the importance of a safeguard in life and especially during the trip? 

We are talking about a safe and sound trip here. 

We all know that how much uncertain life is. Whenever we think we are ready for unforeseen life events, it surprises us with something new every time. The least we would like to face such surprises is when we are on holiday. A holiday that we had been planning for a long time. Therefore, to save the trip from turning into a complete disaster, you should always carry a life jacket. In this case, your life jacket can be travel insurance.  

We hear a lot about getting travel insurance and its importance, but the challenge arrives when we have to find the best travel insurance provider to buy the best travel insurance that suits your needs. To lessen your dilemma in search of the best travel insurance provider, we have a guide for you to get an idea of what you have to look for in the best travel insurance provider.  

Get Familiar with your Travel Insurance Needs  

Go through all that a travel insurance provider offers you, and then classify what you need to cover in your travel insurance plan. Usually, the best travel insurance providers provide you with 

  • Travel Medical Plan 
  • Trip cancellation, interruption, and delay 
  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation 
  • Baggage and Personal Belongings 
  • “Cancel for any reason” coverage 
  • Car rental collision insurance 
  • 24-hour assistance services 

Before buying any insurance, make sure you familiar with the insurance products and know them all in detail.  

What Factors Affect Travel Insurance Cost? 

A basic travel insurance plan typically costs around 4% to 8% of your total trip cost. The price of the trip will vary according to:  

  • Your Age 
  • Cost of local health care 
  • Amount and breadth of coverage 
  • Length and value of the trip 
  • Medical conditions you want to be covered 

While opting for any travel insurance, keep these factors in mind and make the decision accordingly.  

How to Buy a Travel Insurance? 

Many travel insurance companies online provide you with various options to select suitable travel insurance for your safety during your vacation. It will need some research which is worth your time. 

Pro Tip: Shortlist the travel insurance providers whose services you find helpful for you; compare their prices and facilities, then only come to a decision. 


Online research is the best mode to find the travel insurance provider from where you can buy suitable travel insurance. Don’t forget, research is the key. …

Fun Activities To Do When You Travel As A Group

If you have traveled with a group, you probably know it’s fun to pull up together and go enjoy your time together. You bond and connect with the group more than you have ever done before. This is especially if you are traveling with a group of people you know. It becomes more exciting as you spend more time with your friends or colleagues. 

But when you travel to a new destination, you might run out of ideas of things to do together. Sometimes, you will be spoilt of choices, and you won’t be sure on what to try out. 

But that shouldn’t happen. You need to choose some travel ideas that will give you a better experience with group travel. 

This article will share with you top fun activities to try out when you travel to a new destination as a group. These are activities that will make your travel experience better at all times. 

  • Try Out Team Building Exercises 

The first thing that you can do once you travel together is trying out team-building activities. If the vacation or travel destination you go to has enough space, then find some games and play together. Find fun activities that you can try out and experience. 

It will be more fun if you divide yourself into some groups. And out of these groups compete with each other and have fun. Have a fun-filled competition where the winners get nothing apart from recognition. 

To improve the group team-building experiences, don’t group close friends together. Let people mingle and bond with other group members. 

You will be amazed by how good perfect the experience would feel. Try out something that most people prefer. 

  • Prepare Meals Together 

There is nothing more fun than cooking together as a group. When you spend time together to bond, you will have an exciting experience. Life would feel so good when you learn something new from your colleagues. This is because almost everyone has something to teach others when it comes to cooking. 

And this is something you can do together. It could be preparing the entire meal or just barbecuing. Whatever you would prefer, find a meal you can prepare together. 

As a result, you will bond more than better at all times. 

  • Take A Walk Together 

No matter where you travel to, you will find places to have evening walks. There is nothing more fun than trying it with other people. So, when you go on a vacation, take some evenings and walk together. 

If there is a park near your destination, go to the park and enjoy the experience. And if you traveled to a beach destination, walk over the beach and enjoy the breeze any time. 

Parting Shot 

When it comes to picking fun activities for a group, you should at all times choose what most people prefer. Find an activity that most people will love doing and enjoy the experience. 

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